The most expensive cars in the world

1. 16th - McLaren Speedtail - $2.2 million

In the automotive world, fans of four-wheeled vehicles all dream of buying a luxury car one day (if they win the lottery or make a fortune, of course). From the Koenigsegg to the Bugatti, Ferrari or Aston Martin, there is still plenty to do. But among these mentioned cars, which are the most expensive ' This is what we suggest you discover in this ranking of the 16 most expensive cars in the world.

We start with the McLaren Speedtail. It is a supercar from the Ultimate Series range from McLaren. The vehicle has a hybrid engine consisting of an evolution of the McLaren Senna's twin-turbo V8 4.0 V8 combined with an electric motor, providing more than 1,000 hp and allowing a speed higher than its predecessor of 243 mph.


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